Features of Audiologiks Service: Record, Share, Listen

Different Use Cases for User Engagement

SMS Messaging

Have a Use Case where you want to connect with you users over SMS text, ask us a question about SMS messaging for users engagement.

Local Numbers

Buy local numbers for use by users in different countries all over the world, or just in different parts of your own country.

Recording Conversations / Receiving Messages

  • Record – For industries like recruiting, or for recording calls in healthcare, there are many uses to record and retain records of calls
  • Share – Recording audio content for training can also be shared with colleagues and other users who can’t attend in person
  • Listen – Recruiters can share the initial phone screening with their colleagues to generate interest and introductions to jobs

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding can be used for callers in one country to have their calls forwarded to your Japanese numbers or calls in Japan forwarded overseas.

Call Menus

Examples : Staffing and Recruitng


For Candidates:
Start Using the Audiologiks Service

Are you looking to change jobs, get a new job, or practice your language skills to do your current job better?

We can introduce you to recruiters and schedule a phone interview so you can decide if you want to proceed. The interview is anonymous, and after the phone call, just let us know if you want to go forward.

Come to our Meetup or visit our Office Hours

Talk with others about finding a new job in Japan, including the challenges of the job search process. From successfully completing a bilingual Japanese/English resume to getting through to the interview.

Practice Answering Questions by Listening to Sample Questions and Recording Answers

We have listed 60 sample questions and you can record your answers by dialing our service at 050-3131-8611, press 2 to record an answer.

To start using the service, users are asked to visit https://www.audiologiks.com/a/inte/test.php

If you have received an access code and time for an interview, you will just follow the below steps:

  • Dial the phone number from your phone or access a web URL
  • Input the 4-digit access code to start the conference
  • The Interview will start when the other party joins the call

There is a limit of 10 minutes for the initial phone screening, and at the end of the call, just email us to indicate if you would like to proceed. We will check with the recruiter, and if the recruiter also wants to proceed, then we will send you their contact details and forward your contact details to the recruiter.

Send an email to support@audiologiks.com to sign up.

The Goal of the Service:
The goal of the service is to help generate more productive interviews and introductions to jobs for the right applicants

How does Audiologiks do it:
The interview session is recorded for review by the recruiter that the applicant has selected or has been selected by the hiring manager, and feedback is given to the applicant based on the short screening interview.

If it is approved by both the recruiter and the applicant, then contact details are shared with both applicant and recruiter and they can establish direct contact.