Listen, Record and Share : Practice Your Speech and Share it

5/5/17 – Update
Created a sample ESL Picture Description Practice Session

If you are an Individual and have joined one of my meetups in Tokyo, and are looking for more information on finding a job in Tokyo. Click on our Help link above, and look at the Meetup Content.

If you are an Employer or Recruiter in Tokyo, come to our Meetups to find great candidates or ask me to introduce you. I am happy to introduce our meetup members to good opportunities and we have recruiters who belong to our meetups for that reason.

If you are a new visitor, and speak Japanese, I created a Japanese version of the site, but the content will differ from the English as I update it separately.

The mission of the website is to help people in 4 areas:
Training To learn about something new by adding an audio description to documentation
Language Practice Practice your 2nd language by recording your speech, listening to it, and sharing it for review and feedback
Job Interview Preparation Prepare for an interview by speaking about your career, recording your speech and getting feedback on your explanation.
Feedback If you want feedback, give your reviewers/friends/customers the way to record their feedback to send to you.

Free Trial
30 min recording for 30 days – Program to Freely Record Audio and Share Links to the Content

30 minutes of recording stored for 30 days (time can be extended after review) shared to 1 email address

Who is it to open to?

Open to individuals and organization selected by Audiologiks Inc. Ideas and proposals to be sent to support [at]

Benefits of the program

Users receive a login and can record up to 30 minutes of audio per month
Users can create presentations and record their audio explanation to be used with the presentations
Practice their speaking skills and get feedback from friends and family

Users can
Recording 30 minutes per month
Sharing to your email address or with a blog like wordpress or tumblr

Supports the Virtual Volunteer program

Approval for Creating, Recording and Storing Audio content (for participants to sign)
Sample templates for presentations and resumes

Users must digitally sign the Approval form before beginning
Users must be over 18 years of age

License for Copyright
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.