Audiologiks Inc. creates tools for publishing interactive documentation and measuring users engagement with the message in a way that encourages a collaborative framework between content publishers and users. We use a platform with the below communications features to embed links and offer users a way to build on the content that they receive from companies and organizations.

SMS Messaging

Use a local phone number for SMS in up to 41 countries for people or companies to text you back.
As a 2nd security measure for websites, get a local SMS number and each time you login, you’ll receive a text code verification
If you are traveling abroad or back home, get a local number so people can text you. SMS numbers available in 41 countries

Local Numbers

Use a local number when you travel home so people can call your cell phone, and it will forward to your Japanese phone

Recording Conversations / Receiving Messages

You can record conversations between 2 or more people you are talking with for whatever purpose. To remember notes, to share with others or for some other goal, recording some of the conversations you have can be a useful tool.

Call Forwarding

You can get Call forwarding with a local number if you want to leave a contact number but don’t want to leave your home or mobile number. Easy to use when you are dealing with companies or people in another country or time zone that are not used to calling back internationally.

Call Menus

Set up a simple easy to remember Call Menu, with numbers you might not dial frequently but will use in an emergency or for certain purposes (losing a credit card, checking insurance, etc). For yourself or to be shared among a group of people, it’s a shared phone book for certain numbers. Uses can be when you are on a trip in a foreign country, and want to have emergency numbers available in that country.